I've been painting for 30 years, I am a self-taught artist , I've learned mostly by practice and reading "the artist's magazine".  I hope you enjoy  looking at my art as much as  I do creating it.

When I create, I don't try to make a  political statement, nor a social one...I make a deliberate choice of the  Beautiful, the serene and the joyful. For when our world goes dark, when my soul grows sad, I paint and through my art, I find peace ,solace,  and I renew my Soul. 

Color and light is what I  love most, the subject matter although important comes in second place.....Haiti, my country , it's people and it beautiful sights are my source of inspiration. Let's not forget Orchids....  lovely ,beautiful flowers that I can't grow... but I make up for it by putting them on canvas and they never die.

I paint with Acrylics , they are so forgiving...mess up and start over. Although I do paint on canvas, my support of choice is hardboard . I paint in very thin layers  like in watercolor as to achieve a smooth almost brushless finish.

I also work with Mosaics and will be sharing some of my work on this site soon.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, Hope you enjoyed it.